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How to Permanently Erase iPhone Text Messages?

Q: I have found that even after I delete a text message that the text shows up in the "search iPhone" results if I type in the text of the deleted text message. So I want to know is it any way to permanently wipe all messages on my iPhone?

Messages is one of the most important data on our mobile phone, and it also contains lots of precious yet private personal information that you never want to let others know. So when you're planning to change a new iPhone or return the iPhone to the factory for repairing, you must have manually deleted all messages on the phone, right? But are you sure that this kinds of data is really erased permanently?

The simple "Delete" is not enough

In most situations, we always like to use the built-in "Delete" function to deal with some useless messages. However, when you search the keywords of the deleted message in the "Search iPhone", you'll see the deleted messages still showing up. Thus, in order to permanently erase these unnecessary messages, you need to perform a more complete deletion with a professional eraser software.

Maybe some people say they can use the "Erase All Contents and Settings" function to format the phone, but actually this method also doesn't 100% safe. With a professional data recovery software, your deleted data can come back with ease. Therefore, here we could like to strongly recommend the best iPhone Text Messages Eraser software to help you erase a single or a batch of text messages from your iPhone 5/4S/4 without zero possibility for restoring.

Now, just click the below icon to get this powerful program and follow the below instructions to see how easy the program works. (Mac version is coming soon)

Steps to Erase Text Messages from iPhone Permanently with iPhone Message Eraser

Preparation: Before we start the process, please backup your iPhone data with iTunes or other backup tools on your computer.

Step 1. Run the Program and Connect Your iPhone

Directly launch the program and then connect your iPhone to the computer via its USB cable. Then you'll see a interface just like the below:

Step 2. Select Erasing Mode

Just select the type you want. If you're planning to re-sell your phone on online store, or return your device to factory setting, then you can select the first one. Otherwise, you can choose "Erase Deleted Files" to only wipe the deleted messages or other files from your iPhone permanently.

Step 3. Start Deleting SMS from Your iPhone Permanently

After selecting the erasing type and security level, then click "Start" button to begin the erasing process. You can see the detailed status on the main interface.

Note: Don't try to restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud, or the deleted messages will come back.