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How to Erase iPhone Data without Restoring?

Q: Hello, I need to permanently wipe data (text messages, contacts, photos, videos) off iPhone 4s, because I have a new iPhone 5c, and I want to sell my old iPhone 4s. but there are many Privacy Information stored in my iPhone 4s, so I delete these info from my phone manually. However, when I tried some data recovery program, I found all deleted data on my iPhone have been restored. So, I want to know if there any ways that can permanently delete, or erase everything from iPhone 4s without restoring,  please help!

If you're selling your iPhone/iPad or passing it on to someone else, the first thing you'll want to do is make sure they won't have access to any of your personal data. However, the built-in "Restore" or "Delete" option can't really wipe data from your iPhone permanently, they are just invisible and inaccessible. So that the deleted data can be retrieved by a professional Data Recovery software for iPhone. And this is not the thing we want to see. So please face to the fact: you can not see any data on your iPhone after the deletion or restoring, but it doesn't mean other people can not, either. So in order to protect your personal privacy information from leaking out, you need a professional data eraser software to help you clear everything from your iPhone permanently.

iPhone Data Eraser is a risk-free yet professional data erasing software in the market. It can help users permanently erase all contents & settings on their mobile phone, including text messages, contacts, apps, accounts&password, photos and other personal information. And the most important thing is that data deleted by the software will never be restored by any third-party recovery program, so your personal information will be saved in a security mode.

Now, just click the below icons and follow the instructions to erase your iPhone data without restoring with ease! (The Windows version is available now, and the Mac version will be coming soon.)

Erase, Wipe iPhone 5/4S/4 Data without Restoring in 3 Simple Steps

To begin with, you need to connect your iPhone to PC via its USB cable, and then you'll see an interface just like the below:

Select the erasing mode according to your own needs: If you need to re-sell your iPhone, then you'd better to select "Erase all data on device"; if you only want to delete some types of data, then you can delete it from your phone firstly and then select "Erase deleted files" on your computer.

Here, we could like to take the first erasing mode for your reference.

After the above step, you'll come to the step that requires you to choose erasing level: Low, Medium or High. Just select one of them according to your own specific needs and hit "Start" button to begin the erasing process. You can check the detailed process in the program directly.

Note: Don't try to restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud, or the deleted messages will come back.

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