When findnig your iOS device is running slow, you can use this software to free up more space on your device rather than buying a new one! In general, junk files come up whenever you are using your device. Thus, forming the habit of cleaning unwanted files is of great importance! In terms of cleaning your iDevice thoroughly and completely, iPhone Data Cleaner(Mac Version) is highly recommended. This software is designed to help users clean junk files or other unnecessary data from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in a super fast way.

Main Features

Auto Detect & Scan Unwanted Files

  • It automatically detect&scan all files on your device. This improves working efficiency and save time.
  • It allows iDevice users to preview all detected files directly on the computer, including the details.

Clean up Unwanted Files

  • Deeply clean useless files like cookies, crash files, log files, etc. on your iDevice which can't be found by your eyes
  • Completely scan and clean up hidden files which expected to have been cleared!

Free up Space & Protect Personal Info.

  • Useless files could be easily and fully deleted with this software. More space can be saved on your iOS device.
  • Timely delete the unwanted files containing personal information can help prevent private info. from being leaked.

Other Highlights

  • Easy to use desktop application, requires no professional skills for both novice and expert.
  • This software is compatible with all iOS devices.

User Guide: Simple Steps to Clean up iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

iPhone Data Cleaner is pretty easy-to-use. The following the detailed steps to perform this software.

Step 1: Connect iDevice to Mac

First of all, install the program on your Mac computer, then open it with double clicks. After that, connect your iPhone to computer via its USB cable. This program show you the below interface. Now you can click the "Quick Clean" to continue.

Step 2: Preview&Select Files as Wanted

After that, you can see all files are arranged on the main interface. Now, you can click the file folders you wish to preview on the computer and then click the "StartScan" option to scan the selected files as you wanted.

Step 3: Clean up Files from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

After selecting the unwanted files, just click the "Clean" option to clean up files from your device. On the pop-up window requiring your confirmation of your action, just click the "OK" option to continue. Then just wait for the cleaning process to complete.

In a few seconds, all the unwanted files will be cleared from your iDevices. Then you can enjoy the fast performance of your iOS devices freely. Right now, what are you waiting for? Just click the below button to get the free software!

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